Model B1149SM

Black and White Striped Shore Marker

Black and white striped channel markers are used to identify obstructions; vessels should not pass between this buoy and the nearest shore. We have two different models available - heavy duty and ultra-heavy duty.  

Features & Benefits

Model B1149SM key features.

Hi-Impact ABS exterior shell Completely urethane foam filled Will not crack, chip, peel or rust Easily recondition worn buoys with our restoration kit Self-righting without tackle

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Black & White Striped Shore Marker Models Model B1149SM Model B961RSM
Dimensions N/A N/A
Sell Packaging N/A N/A
Exterior Shell Hi-Impact ABS HDPE Shell
Can Diameter 9" 9"
Overall Height 60" 60"
Draft 24" 24"
Submerged Buoyancy 84 lbs. 84 lbs.
Net Weight 49 lbs. 49 lbs.
Shipping Weight 56 lbs. 56 lbs.
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