Regulatory Float Collar Buoy with Bottom Internal Ballast

Used to convey information to vessel operators about various warnings or regulatory matters. Available in a variety of sizes to suit most needs. The float collar design with a bottom internal ballast is ideal for slow or still waters.

Note: By adding a solar light, you cannot select a pick-up eye. If you need a pick-up eye on top, please unselect solar light.

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Float Collar Can Buoys - Internal Ballast with Bottom Attachment Models Model B5CPRSW Model B1428SW
Exterior Shell Hi-Impact ABS Hi-Impact ABS
Reflective Band Size/Color 3" Orange 3" Orange
Can Diameter & Height 19" x 33" 14" x 30"
Float Collar Diameter and Height 38" x 13" 28" x 12"
Overall Height 50" 49"
Draft 9" under 9"
Submerged Buoyancy 700 lbs. 320 lbs.
Net Weight 164 lbs. 105 lbs.
Shipping Weight 209 lbs. 135 lbs.
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