Model B4872FS Floating Sign

Used to regulate boat traffic with a visible, two-sided nylon sign.

*NOTE: requires 4 ea. corner mooring anchors

Features & Benefits

Model B4872FS Floating Sign key features.

Completely urethane foam filled Built-in handles Displays white nylon sign Four each corner mooring eyes Hot-dipped galvanized 1" schedule 40 steel pipe sign mount structure LLDPE exterior High visibility orange LLDPE pontoon Built-in handles for easy handling Mounting structure folds down for easy shipping & storage 18" long reflective tape on the top horizontal pipe for increased visibility Heavy duty, hot-dipped galvanized 1" sch. 40 steel pipe sign mount

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Dimensions N/A N/A
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Overall Height N/A N/A
Length N/A N/A
Width N/A N/A
Weight N/A N/A
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