Message Customization - Vinyl Wrappers

White, self-adhesive wrappers renew the appearance of buoys. Wrappers are complete with orange bands, custom symbols and black messages. Compatible with the following Rolyan Buoy models: B1147R, B2939WB, B2939SM, B1149SM, B2939BHD, B961R, B2939WBHD, B1251, B1352 B1452, B1428 float collar buoys, B2413UL, B2445, B5CPR, and B576S. Please include your buoy model in the "Add Note" section of your quote.

Don’t know your buoy model number? No problem! Submit your quote with any questions or requests in the "Add Note" section, and a representative will contact you to help you create your own custom vinyl wrapper.

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